optimise the sale of your car…

the current situation

  • you want to buy a used vehicle today, but sellers are charging premium prices! On the other hand, when you sell your car, the trade-in amount that a garage will offer you is often surprisingly (and disappointingly) low

  • this solution allows you to sell your vehicle in the most favourable conditions possible, avoiding all the hassle: a professional approach and a totally transparent concept: contact me for a personalised quote

the principle

  • the entire sales process is managed by me, on your behalf

  • you remain in control of proceedings and the owner of the vehicle until the sale

  • you get the best sales price

how it works

  • you receive valuable advice on how best to prepare and present the vehicle

  • a comprehensive photo shoot and mini video report are carried out

  • I use the documents in your possession (invoices, guarantee, etc.) to prepare a complete profile for the vehicle in a digital format

  • we agree on the selling price together based on the accurate market analysis I provide

  • your advertisement is visible on specialised automotive platforms and distributed to my professional network

  • contacts with prospects: calls, emails, reminders, visits, etc., are all handled by myself

the cost of my service

  • my service is charged at 8% (excluding vat) of the final price of the transaction (minimum charge: CHF 1,500)

the benefits for you

  • all contacts with potential buyers will be handled by myself, so that you are not inconvenienced

  • I travel as required to show the vehicle so that you do not need to manage appointments and viewings

  • you may keep and use your vehicle until the sale if you wish

  • the sales contract is drawn up directly between the buyer and yourself

  • the sales process is totally transparent

you want to know more about it?